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If you’ve got mold, Enviro-Tests will find it with over 16 years of experience and our top of line equipment. Our team can provide you with reliable quality and full comprehensive diagnostic reports. Enviro-Tests, here to give you quality air.

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    Air Testing
    Air quality testing can indicate if there is a presence of harmful bacteria, mold, VOC’s, and other harmful gases in your air that could be effecting your health. Keep your family safe by checking your air quality.
    Mold Inspection
    Enviro-Tests, provides the in depth and advanced mold-inspections. Our trained inspectors and top of the line equipment allow us to determine the presence of mold growth in any and all areas of your home or business.
    Sample Testing
    Enviro-Tests can help ease your concerns by sending samples of material surfaces and air to the chemistry lab to be analyzed. By using a swab specimen or a sample of material, our labs will be able to provide you with a diagnostic report taking the guessing out of the equation.


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    We are a family run business specializing in mold remediation and testing for over 16 years. Two years ago we decide to close our mold remediation company and open Enviro Tests, a company that focus’ only on testing and inspection! We are proud to have taken care of over 10,000 homes in the last 16 years, and to be able to utilize our experience! Although we won’t be remedying your mold situation, we will definitely be providing you with a 100% non bias inspection and testing, and we will be instructing you on how to move forward. The Enviro-Tests family makes a promise to its customers to provide the highest quality of customer service and guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy with the service you received, Enviro-Tests guarantees your money back!
    Lab fees are non refundable*


    A: We collect air samples in cassettes that trap mold spores. One sample is taken from inside and one is taken from outside to establish a baseline. This is done in order to compare between the air quality of inside and outside the home or business. These samples are then sent to the chemistry lab for a complete analysis.

    A: A tests starts at $300 with includes 1 air sample outside and one inside the home or business. In some cases, more areas in the house will require additional testing. Our tech will make an inspection first, and if additional testing is required then he will provide his recommendations.

    A: A typical mold test takes up to an hour. However, additional sample collection takes time. Each sample collection takes 10 minutes.

    A: It takes about 48 - 72 hours, however labs can be expedited to receive results within 24 hours at an extra charge.

    A: A control sample is required for testing. A control sample is a collection of air sample of the exterior. That sample serves as a baseline to compare "normal" air to the indoor air quality.

    A: The report can be divided into two parts.
    1. Laboratory results: it consists of laboratory readings taken from your samples collected. The result identifies the location of sample collection, type of fungus/species, spore count, and percentages.

    2. Overview- we note the date, time, temperature, humidity level, photos of sample collection and the areas from which samples were collected. Based on the lab results you will either have a "clearance" or "elevated levels".

    A: Generally, clients have a suspect area in mind for testing. However, we may recommend further testing if our investigation suggests additional tests are warranted. It is entirely your decision if additional samples are helpful to you and needed.

    A: If the tests confirm that elevated levels of mold exist in the area(s) tested, several steps must be taken to prevent further health risks.
    First, we do not advise cleaning mold yourself. Most household chemicals can multiply or facilitate the growth of spores, and you do not want mold spores to become airborne by improperly removing contaminated material.
    You must contact a mold remediation company. Make sure they have the right experience, and certifications to make your environment a healthy one. Due to mold remediation being costly, time-consuming and extensive, you want to make sure to hire the right company. Let the professionals who are trained and experienced help you.
    Once remediation is completed, we do not recommend reconstruction until you have a Clearance. We will return to perform an unbiased Clearance test or you may choose to utilize the remediation company's testing services. Reconstruction can commence once you have an unbiased test and Clearance letter.